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Weather in the Horezu Depression
Max.: 18°C
Min.: 3°C
Cost of gas: 4.70 ron/l

The town of Horezu, the most important administrative pole in the North-Western part of Vâlcea county, has a good level general infrastructure serving the local community, with a permanent view on the principles of durable development. The local road network creates an effective and civilized communication with the satellite villages and the other localities in the Horezu Microregion geographic area, including the mountainous zone, where ease of access is now generally possible. The water supply comes from natural surface waters, the distribution network has been recently modernized, it is managed by a regional operator and it has an extended territorial coverage. The sewer system, both the domestic and the surface water drain, undergoes a vast expansion process, in 2014 a new segment that serves the Olari village population being put into operation.

In the urban area functions a centralized building heating system using as fuel wood residue  (sawdust, vegetal remains resulted from forestry activities or from the fruit-tree orchards).  In a near future, it is envisaged an important investment that will furnish heating agent obtained from biomass on a large scale. Also, in 2015, the local municipality created a photovoltaic panels system, having a production capacity of 1MW/hour, reducing significantly the local budget costs for the public lighting, for the administrative, educational, health and cultural institutions.

In the town function 5 commercial banks, one State Treasury, a court district, a prosecutor’s office, a constabulary, a police station, several law firms, a land registry.

The fixed and mobile telephone service, internet access, cable television services function on the entire territory of the town.

The educational infrastructure consists of “Constantin Brâncoveanu” High School, a school unit offering multiple education profiles, attended by more than 2,400 students, 3 middle schools and 4 kindergartens, a nursery school, all of them benefitting of high-level modern equipment.

The health infrastructure is represented by Horezu Town Hospital, having a capacity of 160 beds, with 6 specialty departments, which, together with the Ambulatory (13 specialty departments), serve more than 80,000 citizens from the North-Western part of Vâlcea county. These medical units have special equipment and general conditions of the highest level, as well as qualified medical staff. In the town also functions an Ambulance Service, having its own headquarters and a corresponding equipment. On the territory of the town there are 6 pharmacies and pharmaceutical points of sale, of which one with state-funded capital and 5 with private capital.

The town has a House of Culture with a performance hall having a capacity of 250 seats and specific infrastructure, as well as 6 functional and active cultural community centres in the Romanii de Jos, Romanii de Sus, Râmești, Iftimești, Tănăsești and Urșani villages.

The town of Horezu hosts the largest collection of national traditional pottery, with more than 4,000 ceramic objects from the most representative pottery centres in Romania.

There are also two operational conference halls, benefitting of an equipment corresponding to this type of activity.

Being an important microregional and tourist centre, the town of Horezu has an intense economic activity, reflected in the existence of numerous commercial spaces dedicated to food and non-food products, consumer goods, supermarkets and small general or specialized shops, an agroalimentary market and a weekly fair (on Saturday mornings), over 20 tourist guest houses with a total accommodation capacity of more than 400 beds, 12 public catering units (restaurants or confectionery shops), with a capacity of more than 1,100, 5 sports fields, 3 open-air swimming pools, a cinema, numerous workshops offering services in the  most diverse fields, craftsmen workshops, 6 human pharmacies, 2 veterinary pharmacies, transportation companies with regular or special, national and international routes, construction companies, livestock, agricultural, fruit-growing farms, beekeeping exploitations and shops selling their products and many more. The town has a tourism agency and a National Centre for Tourist Information and Promotion. The town also has a local radio station and a local television station.

The town of Horezu shows an intense and effective activity of non-governmental organizations from various fields (environment, culture, heritage, youth, sports, minorities, social protection, local, community and intercommunity development, etc.). These organizations are very active in the strategic planning and development process.