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Weather in the Horezu Depression
Max.: 18°C
Min.: 3°C
Cost of gas: 4.70 ron/l

The Horezu tourist resort has an extremely rich tourist and craft production potential. During the last few years, on the territory of the resort, several services were developed in order to increase the degree of satisfaction of the tourists that are interested in the traditions of this area or that visit the natural and historical points of interest of the town.

The Active Centre for Promotion, Documentation and Tourist Information of the town of Horezu – on the main street, in the centre of the locality, is one of the most important tourist objectives in the area, having the mission of promotion of the Horezu Depression, as a cultural, historical, economic and religious value in an European context. It ensures the indispensable connection of the town with the tourists, offering them objective and exhaustive information means, as well as promoting the town of Horezu by all available channels. This is where one can obtain information concerning the points of interest and tourist routes in the town and its neighbouring area, information about the accommodation and catering in the area, as well as about the possibilities of leisure and entertainment activities, where flyers, maps and travel guides in several languages of international communication are being handed out for free.

Other services offered to the Romanian or foreign tourists visiting us:

Accommodation and food services at hotels and guest houses. The town has 2 hotels and over 20 tourist guest houses, offering accommodation for 417 persons. During summer time, an accommodation alternative is the camping site located at the „Treapt” point, with 35 camping houses and accommodation for 70 persons. During the warm season there are also several swimming pools available.

In the town of Horezu can be organized craft and traditions camps for children, where they can learn to model and decorate clay objects in the local ceramists’ workshops. During the camps can be organized visits throughout the entire Horezu Depression, in order to get to know the nature, the churches, the monasteries and all the beautiful sights of the Oltenia at the Foot of the Mountains. The local ceramists can teach the art of ceramic modelling and decoration or just make demonstrations using the potter’s wheel, activities to the profit of any interested person in the audience, without age limits.

For more diverse ways of spending the free time, one can rent bicycles and sports fields (tennis and football) ore one can go to one of the fitness centres/massage salons in the town.

The bank system is represented by 5 agencies of several banks, having 1-2 ATMs and 2 currency exchanges, where one can cash, pay and withdraw money, exchange currency and transfer money through Western Union.

In Horezu function 3 transportation companies, offering connections with the most important cities of the country (Satu Mare, Cluj, Sibiu, Timișoara, Craiova, Bucharest, Pitești, Brașov) and a tourism agency. The transportation companies offer various services: people transportation, coach rental, airport transportation, conference transportation, workshops, events, school trips, pilgrimages, tours, team building excursions. The tourism agency organizes excursions/circuits in the country and abroad, pilgrimages, trips in the Horezu area, where one can visit: the monasteries in the area, the monument churches, the Măldăreşti fortified houses, the art galleries, the caves, the Buila-Vânturariţa Nature Park, as well as the ceramic workshops and shops.

This list of services offered by the town of Horezu is not an exhaustive one, we wait for you to discover for yourselves the products and services in our locality, this place blessed by God!