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Weather in the Horezu Depression
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1800–1805, located in URŞANI, a satellite village of the town of HOREZU

The “Intrarea în Biserică a Maicii Domnului” and “Sfântul Ioan Botezătorul” (Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint John the Baptist) Church from the Urşani satellite village is an A-category architectural monument and it was founded by Ion Popescu Urşanu in 1800, with the help of his relatives and the support of the entire community. “This Holy Church was built and embellished on the expense and through the efforts of the boyar Ion Popescu, who is also the administrator of the land, in order to honour and celebrate the feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the name of Saint John the Baptist, these two holy feasts being chosen by the founder to the memory of himself and of his deceased parents, after their deaths and forever, with all his family. And this church was built during the reign of His Highness the Voivode Costandin Moruzi, with the blessing of His Holiness, the Bishop Nectarie, in the year of Our Lord 1800, on the 22nd July, the construction being finished in the year 1805. And to the building of this church also helped other founders, with money and efforts, as follows: Remember, Lord: Ion, Nedelea, Constantin, Dumitru, Nicolae the monk, Ioana, Floarea, Stanca, Nicolae the deacon, Dumitru, Stanca, Pătru, Stanca, Dumitru, Mihai. Dead: Mihăilă, Barbu, Pătru, Stan, Stanca, Dumitereu, Florica, Constantin, Radu, Stan, Stanca, Dumitru, Costandina and all their family”.

The reason of the fame of the church is the votive painting showing the entire community that contributed to the building of the church. A supplementary element of tourist interest is the fact that it is the final resting place of the famous political personality Ion Gh. Duca (1879-1933).

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