The Covreşti “Sfinţii Voievozi” and “Sfântul Vasile” Church

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1826, located in the OLARI neighbourhood, on the OLARI street, in the town of HOREZU

 The Covreşti “Sfinţii Voievozi” and “Sfântul Vasile” (Holy Voivodes and Saint Basil) Church is a B-category architectural monument, located on the Olari street, at the entry of the famous ceramists’ village. It was built in 1826. Its founders were Stanciu Covrea, Maria, Dincu Bălănescu and Păuna. Its main attraction point is the wall painting.  Next to the entrance door to the veranda we can see the scene of the “Bear dance”.

 The church was included on the updated List of Historical Monuments – Order no. 2314 / 2004 of the Ministry of Culture and Cults.

 The church itself cannot be included in a certain architectural style, resembling more to the village churches usually built at the beginning of the 19th century.