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Weather in the Horezu Depression
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1821–1861, located in the BÂRZOTENI neighbourhood, on the I. GH. DUCA street, in the town of HOREZU

The “Sfinţii Îngeri” (The Holy Angels) Church is a B-category architectural monument. The Ceaușu Church, dedicated to the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel, was built between 1821-1861.

The initial founders were low-rank boyars and local peasants, with common names, such as: “boyar Simion sin Mihai Vameşu, Ion sin Nicolae Ciontea, Radu Grecu and Matei Brat ot Oteşani, Mihăilă sin Nicolae Covrea”. It is known as “Ceauşu Church” in remembrance of Ion Ceauşu, who donated the largest amount of money and the land for the cemetery when the church was refurbished, between 1922-1923.

The church, having the shape of a ship, is decorated with a beautiful central band of sun-like flowers going all the way around it, just under the frieze of the prophets. It is a historical monument.

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