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Weather in the Horezu Depression
Max.: 19°C
Min.: 11°C
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From the point of view of the landscape, the administrative territory of the town can be grouped in three areas: the Luncavăţ river meadow, the Ulmului, Romanilor, Râmeştilor, Urşanilor hills and the Marginea, Pietriceaua, Bolca, Ludeasa, Piscul Lung, Barcaciu, Pietrile Roşii and Văleanu Mountains. The locality lies in an extremely attractive natural setting, created by the landforms, the hydrography, the climate elements and the vegetation types.

The Horezu area benefits from natural conditions particularly favourable for the tourism practice, being advantaged by the lack of polluting factors and by an exceptional tourist potential, that allows the practice of various types of tourism. The sub-mountainous and mountainous landforms, based on a complex geological structure, disposed in altitude increments, emphasize the natural look of the area and create opportunities for the leisure and recreational tourism. The rich forest fund that covers the southern slopes of the Căpăţânii Mountains improves the region’s landscape and creates an attractive, clean environment, recommended for active holidays.

The climate of the area, having no extreme values, is favourable to practising tourism all year-round, being especially recommended for the recovery from stress (a Mediterranean climate, the average annual temperature being of approximately 6°C).

The outfitted ski area at Vf. lui Roman represents a favourable starting point for the development of winter sports. The main watercourses, most times followed by country roads, are great places for spending the weekend in nature, offering excellent camping sites. The flora of the mountain pastures meadows, of an impressive diversity, according to the altitude, enriches the natural landscape with multicolour flower species.

To all the above is added an extremely valuable hunting and fishing fund, especially on the upper course of the streams, upstream of the human settlements. The uniqueness and value of several biodiversity elements or of natural geological phenomena with scientific value lead to the inclusion of the Buila-Vânturariţa Massif in the protected areas category, according to Law no. 5/ 2000, being now called the Buila-Vânturariţa National Park, its boundaries entering, on a small area, the administrative territory of the town of Horezu.

The Horezu tourist resort is surrounded by many natural and anthropic resources of great diversity. Due to this fact, the town is permanently included on the tourist itineraries, be they organized by the tourist agencies or not. The tourists spending their holidays in the Horezu tourist resort have the possibility of organizing a varied programme for their free time, of which one-day trips by car or excursions in the town surroundings or in the Căpăţânii Mountains cannot be excluded.

The position of the town, along DN 67 national road, joined by many county roads, commune roads, forest roads or marked tourist paths, allows tourist access to all the points of tourist interest in the area.

The historical centre of the town of Horezu/Urban complex built between 1850-1920, containing a series of buildings of a great historical and architectural value. According to the List of Historical Monuments published in the Romanian Official Gazette, part I, no. 670 bis, of 1st October 2010, the urban complex is delimited as follows:

  • East – Strada Independenţei;
  • West – Strada 1 Decembrie (inclusively);
  • North – Strada Nicolae Iorga, intersection with strada Unirii;
  • South – Strada Tudor Vladimirescu.


  • Name: Hurez Monastery Complex
  • Type of Monument: cultural - historical
  • Administrative-territorial Unit: Town of Horezu, Romanii de Jos village – Vâlcea County


  • Name: The Church “Intrarea în Biserică” and “Sfântul Ioan Botezătorul”
  • Type of Monument: cultural - historical
  • Administrative-territorial Unit: Town of Horezu, Urşani village – Vâlcea County